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Extendable Bluetooth Selfie Portable Monopod Stick for Mobile Smart Phones

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Extendable Bluetooth Selfie Stick | Portable Monopod Stick for Mobile Smart Phones

The Best 2015 Monopod Selfie Stick for Your Smartphones and Cameras @ an Affordable Price

Take Your Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook Photos to The Next Level!

Perfect for Travel, Festivals, Family Photos, Video Diaries, Blogging, Hiking, Camping, Weddings, Parties, Beaches, Concerts, Aerial Photos, Sports Events and More

2015 New Wireless Bluetooth Monopod for Mobile Phone, Self-shooting--Best for Travelling!!! This bluetooth monopod is based on the HID communication technology. Easy and simple to use: charging the Monopod and pairing it with your cellphone is very easy, slipping the phone to the clamp, focusing yourself and pushing the button to shoot!

The extendable handhold can work with all compact point and digital cameras that has self-timer and tripod. Adjustable ball head and thumb screw locks for multiple angle shooting with 180 degree position. The adjustable phone holder is a perfect solution to fix your cell phone on Extendable Handhold Monopod for photographing. This combination is a absolutely perfect choice for those who enjoy taking a photo by themself. 

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