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About Us

Our genuine enthusiasm in the future of gadgets and technology is what keeps us at the forefront of this industry. We are also a global online consumer technology retailer, and we want to be the preferred choice for customers looking to buy the very best as we offer the latest gadgets and tech at great prices. If you love Gadgets then you would agree that it can change your life.. We are just as passionate as you are to always supply the best and useful gadgets needed for your purpose.


PRODUCTS: We specialise in Consumer Electronics like, Surveillance Spy Hidden Camera Gadgets, Factory Unlocked Sim Free Mobile Phones, Android and Apple iPad Tablet PC, Mobile and Tablet Accessories, Sport Action Camera, Automobile accessories and Car DVD Players. We started with just selling Accessories but we have now added so many items to our inventory over the years. 

HIGH QUALITY GUARANTEED: We offer an extensive range of products selected by our professionals. Superiority in details and quality is a high priority. We also have a high-standard QC team, qualified by authorized organizations to ensure products are of the highest quality and as a trendy trader, We are always searching for new products with classic, distinctive, and unique designs to add onto our product line.

RESPONSE TIME AND AFTER SALES: We give a high priority to all our customers by answering most of their queries or questions within 2 - 5 hours at the maximum. We stand out from other retailers because we know our aim and take our service very important by giving our best. We are Focused, passionate and willing to help: The growth of our business is very important just as much as the service we give to our customers. So if for any reason we cannot solve your problem we would always try to find help for you Online or from other source. So be rest assured that you are in great hands, as we would go all the way to resolve your problem and make you satisfied with your experience with us. 

CUSTOMER TRUST: We know it takes more to earn a customers trust due to the amount of untrusted sellers out there and that is why we are committed to offering high-quality devices. Therefore, we also stand by our ability to deliver your order with peace of mind that comes from knowing your order will arrive on time within the given time frame, and also the sense of security that your financial information is secure and protected.

Honesty is very Important: We are honest sellers and we strive to always give the best answers to our customer and also keep them informed of any problems or issue that arise.

ITEM COST/PRICE: We do not also neglect the fact that cost of an item plays a decisive role in placing an order. We know we must commit to offering our products and services at prices our customers are willing to pay. As a matter of fact we periodically check and amend our product prices to be affordable.

SUPERFAST QUICK DELIVERY: As an online retail outlet, we have built a complete logistic system, offering the most convenient delivery service possible. On-time shipping and reliable quality control are key areas of importance.




Sensitive data is encrypted by a real-time high security web browser with up to 256-bit SSL Encryption from GeoTrust® to prevent any third party viewing your details, Also your Card payment informations are protected by PayPal and WorldPay using a secure 3D verification system.



We accept the following payment methods below. All payments made through our website are covered against fraud or unauthorised use. 



The Debit / Credit card processing system is operated by WorldPay - World leading Card payment system, renowned for the highest level of compliance and stringent security under the Payment Card Industry Data (PCI) ensuring that your details remain secure throughout the transaction process.

Paypal. Also a very trusted payment gateway used by Millions of people. You can also use this option as a registered paypal user or check out as a guest (Whichever you prefer). if you check out with Paypal then we would only send an item to your Registered Paypal address for security protection.

Amazon PayMents: Not in use yet (Coming Soon)





Kemp House

 160 City Road



E-Mail: sales@b-ban.com

Company Reg No: 10129804 (Registered in England and Wales)



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